David Vincent Mills

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Below are all the services David Vincent Mills offers. If you would like to hire Mills for one of his services or hire one of his projects or bands, please contact him here.



Mills is available for hire as a solo pianist, as a sideman for duos to big bands, or contract one of his various projects or bands for any venue or event. To hear samples and for more information on any of David Vincent Mills' projects or bands, please click here.


Piano, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Organ including Bass Pedals, Melodica, Trumpet, Native American Flute and Drums.

Composer - Original music composed in any genre with any instrumentation for any need or purpose

Arranger - Arrangements of covers or original works of the client in any genre with any instrumentation for any need or purpose

Transcriptions - Songs transcribed from audio and charted  

Charts - Computer generated charts from lead sheets to full scores

Studio Musician - Available to record any song or project in any genre

Producer - Available to produce any recording from a demo to a full CD in any genre

Musical Director - Available to work along side an artist leading their band or project

Entertainment Director - Available to provide and book quality entertainment suitable for any establishment

Teacher - All ages, all levels form beginning to advanced, in all genres

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