David Vincent Mills is a piano instructor with over 20 years experience, teaching private students full time for 10 years. Mills' training in both classical and jazz piano as a youth and his studies in other genres of music as well later in his college years, coupled with his practical 'real world' performing and composing experience gives Mills a wide breadth of knowledge and practical experience. This strong foundation enables him to teach any genre of music, to any student of any age, at any level from beginning to advanced.

In order for the student to flourish with learning piano, there are basic skills that need to be taught, such as technique, music reading, musicality, and music theory. However, to employ proper piano pedagogy the student must be taken into account. Each student is different, so lessons are tailored to the student's level of ability, the way in which they learn, their level of intensity, to what kind of music they wish to play and to ultimately their goal; what does the student wish to achieve or want to get out of learning music? To ensure success a balance between fundamentals and what the student actually wants to learn must be achieved.

Although not a vocalist himself, Mills has coached singers who are new to jazz and want to make the transition into that genre.

Mills has facilitated workshops on free-form improvised music and dance at CSULB.


Music Skills Taught

All music genres to all ages and levels, beginning to advanced

Standard to the Obscure Classical and Contemporary Literature

How to Practice


Music Reading 


Ear Training 

Sight Reading and Sight Playing

Memorization Techniques





Jazz and Contemporary Music Skills Taught

All Jazz Styles, Funk, Rock, Pop, Blues, R&B, Country, Folk


Chord Symbols

Lead Sheets with Chord Symbols

Chord Voicings - as a soloist, with a singer, with a band, and based on style or period of music


Ear Training


Advanced Jazz & Contemporary Harmony


Sight Transposing 



Keyboard, Synthesizer, and Organ Concepts

Professional Music Skills - Do's and Don'ts 


Benefits of Studying Music

Experience the Joy of Music

Exposure to and Participation in the Culture of Music

Builds Self Confidence

Inspires Motivation

Focuses Concentration

Develops Patience

Balances Brain Function as studying music develops the connection between the left and right hemispheres of the brain resulting with both sides being used more equally.

Enhances Mathematic and Language abilities as studies have shown students who study music excel in other academic subjects.

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