Going by their name, you’d expect 3 Squares to be another of those “quirky” Rock-based Bad Plus-type piano trios, but that’s not quite the case. There is a little progressive Rock bashing on (Have We Met?) but mostly there is a more deliberate group feel that resembles some of Carla Bley’s groups. David Vincent Mills’ piano has some of Bley’s simple and elemental style and Daren Burns is one of the few younger electric bass players I’ve heard who owes more to Steve Swallow than Stanley Clarke or Jaco Pastorius. That relentless Bley feel carries through the title track, “What Do You Know,” “Seven & Seven,” and the lazy Blues “I Wish It Was.” There is also the aforementioned prog bashing on “Ear Caving Dread” and some Middle Eastern exotica on “Ashram” and “Marwa” but mostly this music is a series of distinctive musical conversations drawn out of very basic materials, a sound that gives this band its own identity.


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