'Conversations in Music' is an annual improvised music concert series that Mills unveiled in 2008 with his first solo piano concert in Sedona Arizona. In subsequent years he has experimented with different configurations of performers, from a dancer to other musicians. The music or 'songs' are based on what Mills calls 'musical haiku' which are short musical phrases that are composed through improvisation during a performance, and are what Mills describes as 'something of a musical prayer'. These 'musical haiku' or phrases become themes for a particular performance and provide a vehicle for deeper exploration through further improvisation of the dialog created in the moment that trigger his improvisational skills. This concert series is to feature music that not only includes but extends beyond his extensive knowledge of Western music, in particular, Jazz and Classical. In addition, Mills will tap into alternative musical styles from around the world to intertwine all of these influences into pieces that are inspired from being in the moment, connecting with the audience, and if it is not a solo piano concert, the other performers. As the conversation develops, a musical story of the moment will be weaved right before your very ears.

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2008, May 15 - Conversations in Music

2009, May 15 - Conversations in Music and Dance

2010, June 18 - Conversations in Music: Evolution

2011, June 30 - Conversations in Music: Dimensions

2012, (TBA) - Conversations in Music: Roots

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